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I am the writer of Y'Roden D'Riel and An'Thaya D'Riel Blackthorn among many others, and the MasterBard of the Fantasy Scroll, Whispin. I have also run The Cagliostro for over 10 years now, and own Crimson Dusk which is an experiment in the Horror Genre.

I've been role-playing and roundtable writing online for over 10 years and the planet of Whispin is the ultimate culmination of many years of work on characters, mythos and story writing. Several years ago I started writing 'The Shattered Web' which evolved into a Trilogy and started something of a snowball effect. Stories became heavily plotted and 'epic' instead of the slipshod, fly by the seat of your pants formation we had written in before. The result was a number of self-published novels in the Bardic Web store and the ideas never seem to quit coming.

This page will lead you to the Bardic Web itself, my Scrolls on the Bardic Web, the website dedicated to the planet of Whispin and the characters I write, and will contain the odd update on what I happen to be up to at the moment.

Planet Whispin
The Cagliostro
Crimson Dusk

Latest Works

Warped Reflection

The Cracked Mirror - Warped Reflection: Second Book of the Cracked Mirror Duology
The second installment follows the ongoing trials and tribulations of Y'Roden in an alternate dimension. Trapped in the body of his alter ego, the Demon Emperor, Ro continues to fight his dark urges. Ghetsuhm follows the path of logic in the quest to bring her husband back to their home dimension.

The Awakening

The Awakening
An ancient power awakens and dark forces play with the threads of the past. A King and a Prince race to set right what has been altered before time crumbles and all is lost to the abyss.


Recent Topics

Current stories at Whispin are 'The Journey Home', 'Olnelan Sar'da', 'The Red Lion', 'Blood Trade', 'Lineage' and 'Blood on the Unicorn'. Most are set in 'present time' (planet-wise) but the first goes back to An'Thaya's beginnings and the quest to bring her family back to Whispin. 'The Red Lion' features a young Rhodry Arketh coming of age.

Current stories at The Cagliostro are 'Death Song', 'Crossing Boundaries', 'The Brothers Grimoire', 'Tiny Troubles' and ' The Odyssey - Voya'n'ge Trois'. (You must be a Member of the scroll to read the Cag's stories)

Character Spotlight

An'Thaya D'Riel

An'Thaya Blackthorn

Blood Trade

The streets of Sargasso hold their secrets close, though they may be bought for a price -- as can anything else. The Slave Trade is a lucrative market in the city and the Merchant's Guild makes a pretty penny on the backs of it's victims. Men for manual labour, women for sex slaves -- even children. They are taken from all over the Western Continent -- even from the dark and mysterious jungles of the Amazons...